Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Cinderella Story

In the plot-line of standard Cinderella fairytales, a heroine endures undeserved suffering until her ultimate redemption is realized. As a result of its fairytale nature, this "rags to riches tale" comes as a result of the intervention of magic and marriage to the young heroines life. However, "Cinderella" rise tales can happen in real-life. For application to realistic success stories, however, the magic and marriage of Cinderella must be taken more as symbolic.

Within every Cinderella tale, the Cinderella character is good from the start. In the fairytale world, this goodness is represented by her physical beauty. In real-life, this goodness could correspond to a hardworking nature or competence. However, due to situations, in both the real and fairytale world, this goodness is not initially appropriately realized. The maiden of the fairytale is forced to wear ugly, obtruding clothes and the Cinderella of the real-world may have been, for instance, born into poverty.

Eventually, after much suffering, magic enters and a turning point comes in the storyline. In the fairytale realm, supernatural forces provide the heroine with the resources and clothes to reveal her true beauty. In the real-world, however, this "magic" can be related to the opportunities that surface in ones life. Whether it be a job interview or a sports competition or an application form or personal relationships, suddenly a person has a chance to show their true worth. Situational forces no longer obtrude the virtues of a person, and he/she is able to come to everyones proper attention.

In the fairytale world, marriage serves as the ultimate redemption for Cinderella. From her lowly position as a housemaid, she is elevated by her marriage to extravagant living as the wife of a prince. In her society's eyes, this is represents ultimate success. In modern society, success is rarely correlated to one marrying a prince. However, "Cinderella"s of the real world experience the ultimate success comparable to the original's royal wedding. Whether it be a job or money or title or happiness, they too eventually reach what they are striving after.

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