Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happily Ever After

This winter Beauty and the Beast was rereleased to theaters. Somewhere between paying my lifesavings for the ticket of a movie I already owned and going cross-eyed from wearing the special 3D post-cataract surgery sunglasses for two hours, I realized that Beauty and the Beast had to be my favorite fairytale.

I have always been a sucker for the idea of "happily ever after" and for me, Beauty and the Beast is fairytale where that ending seems most plausible. When the Beast and Belle are united at the end, I am absolutely convinced that they will be that cute old couple that still holds hands while walking together on their golden anniversary. Tales like Cinderella and Snow White, on the other hand, simply leave me with prophecies of future marriage counseling sessions. The unique understanding within Beauty and the Beast is probably due to the fact that the couple actually gets to know and value each other beyond looks before pledging each other their eternal love. It seems like in almost every other fairytale, the princes become smitten with princesses simply upon realizing them to have pale and delicate complexations. Maybe I'm just not convinced that hematoma and vitamin D deficiency are the ingredients of marital bliss.

When I saw the fairy tale class being offered as an elective, I was instantly interested. My natural attraction to the more practical aspects of the story of Beauty and the Beast, I think represents my intrigue at looking past the surface level of these stories we read as children. I'm sure I'll be exposed to opinions that disenchant the tales with whole new levels of cynicism that even my most practical tendencies are not even comfortable with. However, I am looking forward to balancing the total critique of these tales while maintaining some devotion to the enchanting appeal of their more innocent interpretations.

So, here I am, signed up for the class, writing the first blog and hoping the experience will yield a very practical happily-ever-after ending to my sophomore year.